Edsil Welch


Hi there: I’m recently retired from a career in IT. I have two grown up kids and I’m also married.

My Bio:

I left school with no qualifications, just walked out of school at 15 threw my school blazer into a tree. That’s what you did back then.

I started out my working life as a car mechanic. My first Job was with a major brand belonging to British Leyland, which became the Austin Rover Group. Later I worked for a few smaller garages.

To this day I still have a love of cars.

As time progressed I then changed my job and went into warehousing. I worked for a glass distributor handling the glass and loading the lorries. Later I became a driver for that company

and spent a few years driving around the country delivering glass. After a few years working for that company I was unfortunately made redundant.

I then borrowed some my money from My dad and retrained to be a Heavy Goods Driver. I did a 5 day training course and passed to gain my HGV Class 1. This was the holy grail of lorry driving.

This meant that I could drive articulated lorries, I believe that in the USA they are referred to as Semis.

I was fortunate to land a role in a large company delivering paper through out the UK. My role was Trunking with a curtain sided trailer, so I did not have to do any of the roping and sheeting lark.

Some would say a proper trucker!

After a few years then I was then again made redundant. However fortunately on of the managers bought a part of the company and wanted me to work for him as his delivery driver. It was a Luton sized van and I enjoyed the role. Again delivering through out the UK. I Did that role for 12 years. As I got older I realized that I wasn’t progressing and just getting older.

I then used some money that I got from a maturing insurance policy to retrain as an IT engineer. Shortly after completing the training course I was offered a place with a larger multi national installing IT in offices of the UK government. I progress to a managerial role for a few years but chose to return to the engineering role. I did that for 21 years until I retired. I've for a long time had an interest in starting my own online business. Then I discovered this remarkable education company called Launch You.

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